Electronic Safety Netting report provides a guide to its use in primary care

Practical case studies illustrating how the Electronic Safety Netting (E-SN) toolkit, for tracking patients with actual or suspected cancer, is being used and adapted by GP practices feature in a report published by the North Central London Cancer Alliance. 

The creation and development of the E-SN toolkit began during the NCL Cancer Alliance’s former guise, the UCLH Cancer Collaborative. From its early days the toolkit was embedded into EMIS Web. It is used across north and east London and is available nationally. The E-SN toolkit is important for the management of patients whose symptoms need surveillance, monitoring, or referral and diagnostics through the usual cancer pathways. E-SN also features in the NHSx cancer digital playbook which highlights digital tools for improving patient care pathways.

In the report examples of E-SN use in north and east London, illustrate how the toolkit can be implemented at practice, GP federation and primary care network levels. The case studies show how different practices have organised themselves so that use of the toolkit supports their work and is sustainable not burdensome. A key learning point is the involvement of different members of a practice team. Effective use requires both administrative and clinical engagement and commitment. 

Dr Afsana Bhuiya, North Central London GP Cancer Lead, said, “Safety netting is a diverse term and its understanding and application in primary care, has been hugely variable which can impact on patient safety. This project was solution as well as a paving stone, into optimising patient safety through a systematic electronic approach in primary care. It’s been a huge pleasure working with numerous practices, networks and leaders to implement this system. E-SN is an example of great partnership working and without Macmillan’s ongoing support and EMIS Web’s proactive approach this would not have been possible.“ 

The report will be a useful document for primary care professionals who are considering the use of electronic safety netting in their locations. 

More information and resources about E-SN are available here.

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