More people are surviving cancer than ever before. But living with cancer, and the effects of its treatment, can have a significant impact on a person’s physical, emotional and social wellbeing – their quality of life.  

What is the survey for?

Understanding the impact of cancer on a person’s day-to-day life is crucial to ensuring that the treatment, support and services they receive is appropriate and meets their needs.  

The Cancer Quality of Life Survey has been designed to give people an opportunity to share their feelings and highlight how cancer has affected them and their families. Your responses will help the NHS to better understand the longer-term effects that cancer may have and improve the way it supports those who have had cancer to live as long and as well as possible. 

How can the survey help individuals living with cancer?

People who complete the survey will be able to access their individual summary report that shows their quality of life scores. These findings can help them to identify any ongoing issues or concerns. They can also be used in conversations with a healthcare professional or other relevant individual to discuss how they are feeling and how they can get further support and care that might be useful to improve their quality of life. 

The NHS Cancer Quality of Life Survey was launched in September 2020 and is now sent to most people who have had cancer around 18 months after their diagnosis.  

Where can you find out more?

More information about the survey can be found on the survey website: 

A free helpline is available to help people complete the survey and respond to any queries or difficulties – 0800 783 1775. 

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