Research and reports

Links to research, reports and publications which Cancer Alliance team members and partners have authored or made contributions.

Running virtual and hybrid cancer multi-disciplinary team meetings

A project between North Central London Cancer Alliance and Queen Mary University of London, funded by The Health Foundation’s Q Exchange and NHS England, has led to the publication of a toolkit for running virtual and hybrid cancer multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings.

Strategy to address health inequalities in cancer care and outcomes in North Central London

Our aim is to ensure cancer services are designed and delivered in ways that meet the needs of different populations across north central London, maximise the
impact of our programmes and reduce health inequalities.

This strategy has been developed to provide a short-term, high level steer of the priorities, while the Cancer Alliance and its partners continue to work to identify and address health inequalities across the full cancer pathway.

Electronic safety netting (E-SN) toolkit – Adoption and Adaption Case Studies

Practical case studies illustrating how the Electronic Safety Netting (E-SN) toolkit, for tracking patients with actual or suspected cancer, is being used and adapted by GP practices feature in a report published by the North Central London Cancer Alliance.

Download the report

The Management of Glycaemic Control in Patients with Cancer

This guidance is the outcome of a working party acting on behalf of the UK Chemotherapy Board and the Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care. A number of senior oncologists from north central London hospital trusts and who are contributors to Cancer Alliance activity are members of the oncology group which co-wrote this report.

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