Safety netting and coding

Cancer electronic safety netting toolkit for GPs

We have created an electronic safety netting (E-SN) toolkit for cancer that can be used by GPs faced with various cancer-related clinical situations. The toolkit gives GP practices a template/form that schedules diary reminders in their system and reminds and alerts practice staff to follow up at a later date. EMIS Web made our solution nationally available on their system from mid-2018, so all GP practices using EMIS Web are able to access the toolkit.

The E-SN toolkit features in the NHSx Cancer Digital Playbook which highlights digital tools that can be used to support the delivery of patient pathways.

The toolkit concept was conceived in collaboration with the Transforming Cancer Services Team for London (TCST) and throughout it has had Macmillan’s support and advocacy to enable the strategic direction.  The toolkit has undergone a feasibility trial and several improvement cycles conducted by the North Central London Cancer Alliance to reach its final comprehensive version.

To support GP practices implement the toolkit we have produced a video user guide. 

The other resources which help practices implement this tool are: 

Location of toolkit in EMIS web

Guide for clinicians

Guide for administrators

We have also hosted webinars to support use of the toolkit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A report on the development and implementation of the Electronic Safety Netting toolkit is available here:


Full report

Adoption and Adaption Case Studies

Good quality coding

Central to effective safety netting is good coding of information therefore we have created an e-learning module with Macmillan Cancer Support – Coding and safety netting in the context of cancer.

The course is suitable for GPs, GP trainees and other primary care clinical staff.

The aims of the course are:

  • To be aware of the clinical and non-clinical implications of coding
  • To raise awareness of the benefits of coding and safety netting in improving clinical care, diagnosis and community management of individuals with cancer and other long term conditions
  • To gain skills in high quality coding and electronic methods of safety netting within everyday clinical practice.

The module was based on the recommendations from a guide we developed in 2015 to improve the quality of coding and safety netting (this was updated in Feb 2017).

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