Patient and carer involvement

The Cancer Alliance works in partnership with people affected by cancer to transform patient outcomes and the quality of cancer care across north central London.  We believe this kind of active input (patient and carer involvement) makes our cancer services better. 

Getting involved

There are a number of ways you can get actively involved in working with us depending on your experiences and interests, including:

  • helping us to decide our priorities for improving services
  • assisting with specific projects that aim to transform care 
  • helping us to explain our cancer improvement work in understandable ways.

There are different ways people work with us, including:

  • sitting on our governance or cancer expert reference groups that meet regularly
  • coming to one-off meetings in an area of interest for you
Meeting of patient representative with the Cancer Alliance

How do I become a patient or carer representative?

We have an active Patient Partnership Network which is a group of patient and care representatives who are working with us to make a real difference to people living with cancer in north central London.  This network helps us understand what is important for patients and work with us to achieve this.

If you have personal experience of cancer as a patient or carer in North Central London, we would like to hear from you.

If you are interested in heating more about what we do or working with us, please email: 

What is it like to work with us?

Here are some reflections from a couple of our patients and carers who work alongside us.

“Using my own experiences as a patient and carer to contribute positively to developing training films 'Telling your child you have cancer' and 'Supporting families and carers of people with cancer' has felt worthwhile and hopefully will be useful to others. I have also learnt a lot thanks to the support of the Chair and other members of the group.”

Daphne Earl, patient representative on the Psychosocial and the Living with and beyond Cancer Expert Reference Groups

“I really did not know what to expect. But all the Haematology Pathway Board members have been very welcoming and clearly value the input of my fellow patient reps. We’ve been involved in a range of projects - big and small, some general and others quite specialized. It’s been fun, always interesting and a great way to help the boards improve patient care."

Declan Sheehan, patient representative on the Haematology Pathway Board

Patient information and resources

We are dedicated to supporting our patients and community to be able to manage their own health needs and live actively and well as possible.    The information about cancer on the internet can be overwhelming but we recommend these resources

small c

Cancer Wellbeing London

Cancer Care Map

The ‘small c’ campaign is run by North Central London Cancer Alliance. It aims to provide people in our region with the information they need to live healthily and recognise the signs and symptoms of cancer.

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