The Cancer Alliance is governed by an overarching board which meets quarterly. The Programme Board meets eight times a years. Other meetings take place monthly or bi-monthly and reflect our extensive programme of work. We have an active patient and carer network from which representatives are drawn to have a role in our governance.

Chart in shades of blue, pink and purple showing the governance structure of the North Central London Cancer Alliance and the relationship to the structures of the North Central London Integrated Care Board and the North Central London Integrated Care System.

Our clinical networks

The Cancer Alliance convenes Expert Reference Groups to bring together clinicians and others connected to cancer care in North Central London.

Expert Reference Groups (ERGs) ensure clinical best practice, innovation and knowledge sharing. They focus on developing recommendations for the Alliance’s governance. In addition to clinical and operational leads, membership of each group includes professional representatives from specialist nursing and primary care, and a person living with cancer.

In addition to these tumour and expert level groups, there is a Clinical Forum at which each group is represented by a clinical lead. The Clinical Forum provides advice to the Alliance on clinical strategy and addresses cross-cutting issues that affect multiple cancer pathways.

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