London-wide cervical cancer prevention training for primary care staff

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London’s four NHS Cancer Alliances* have funded Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to deliver cervical training for non-clinical primary care staff in the capital.

The training is open to non-clinical administrators, receptionists and other primary care staff (e.g. social prescribers) who are often patient-facing or tasked with speaking to patients.

At the sessions, attendees will learn about cervical cancer prevention, as well as how to speak with patients about screening, HPV and the vaccine. The aim is to help attendees improve their knowledge of the importance of cervical screening.

By providing staff with the education and skills to improve their confidence when engaging with patients about screening, it is more likely that patients will be able to make an informed choice, particularly in low participating groups. This also supports requirements for the PCN DES and quality improvement for screening.

Training starts from September 2022 and each interactive session will last approximately 1.5 hours. Participants will need to have access to a private room with audio and video functionality. GP practices are encouraged set aside protected learning time for non-clinical practice staff.

Each person who takes the course will be encouraged to commit to speaking to 15 people about cervical screening following the training.

Download more about the training.

Register to attend.

If you have any questions, please contact

*The four Cancer Alliances in London are:

  • North Central London Cancer Alliance
  • North East London Cancer Alliance
  • South East London Cancer Alliance
  • RM Partners (SW and NW London)
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