New videos to help patients going through diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer

Three videos to support patients through the diagnosis and treatment stages for prostate cancer have been produced by the North Central London (NCL) and North East London (NEL) Cancer Alliances. They cover referral to hospital, having a biopsy, and, if then diagnosed with cancer, the treatment options.  

The videos came about after consultants identified a need to improve the resources available to inform and reassure patients who were, understandably, anxious about being referred on a suspected cancer pathway. It is hoped access to clear and understandable information on what to expect at each appointment will go some way to supporting them.

The videos are expected to improve patient experience and help them to feel more informed and reassured about what will happen during each of their appointments and treatment. It is hoped that patients will be less likely to postpone or not attend appointments. –

Ashoke Roy, Consultant Urologist at the Royal Free Hospital and Clinical Director for Urology at NCL Cancer Alliance, said:

“Being referred with a suspected prostate cancer diagnosis can be a frightening and bewildering process for patients and their families. There are many appointments in a short space of time. We hope this video will help to demystify the process, reassure and inform patients prior to their clinic investigations and improve engagement in the initial diagnostic process.”

To develop the videos, clinical staff worked with patients to try to strike the right balance in tone and content – providing full and necessary information while avoiding intimidating jargon and information overload.

John Sandell, one of the patients involved in developing the videos, said:

“I just wish films like these had been around when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. They are so clear and informative.”

As part of the Cancer Alliances’ commitment to reducing health inequalities and reaching all sections of the local population, translated versions in ten languages will soon be available for all three films.

Referral video:

This video explains what to expect when patients are referred to a prostate clinic on an urgent suspected cancer (previously known as two week wait) pathway. It details why they have been referred, what to expect at the clinic from start to finish, the tests that will be carried out, and next steps. Patients will be sent a link to the video after the referral has been received by the hospital. It will also be available on local hospital trusts’ websites and may be available on GP practice websites.

Biopsy video

A prostate biopsy is a diagnostic test to determine if a patient has prostate cancer and is offered to patients if needed after a having a MRI scan. This video will be offered if the patient is referred for a prostate biopsy.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options video

Should a patient receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer, they can be faced with a range of treatment options. The patients should be supported to make choices based on what is best for them, their family and their lifestyle. This video aims to help patients assess their options and make well-informed decisions. 

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