Diagnosis and treatment

The Cancer Alliance has a large programme of work to:

  • support the operational delivery of cancer services at local trusts
  • deliver and support transformation of cancer services and provide a system leadership working on behalf of the north central London integrated care system
  • provide oversight and to support organisations to work together effectively
  • support the sector to work better together, through our clinical and operational network groups: reducing variation in care and encouraging innovation.

Rapid Diagnostic Centres - non-specific symptoms pathway

Rapid Diagnostic Centres (RDCs) offer a diagnostic pathway for all patients with non-specific symptoms that could indicate cancer. There is a Rapid Diagnostic Centre at University College Hospital, North Middlesex University Hospital and at the Royal Free Hospital. GPs in North Central London can refer patients to one of these centres for tests.   

Transforming bowel cancer diagnosis

The vast majority of bowel cancers (also known as colorectal cancer) are diagnosed at a late stage which is why it is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK. The Cancer Alliance is supporting a range of projects that will enable earlier diagnosis and better bowel cancer outcomes and potentially stem the increasing need for colonoscopy resources.

Improving head and neck cancer referrals

 A new referral advice system is designed to support GPsdecision making, create greater dialogue between primary and secondary care, improve knowledge of the potential symptoms of head and neck cancer. It will help patients to have better and quicker experiences of the diagnostic referral process for head and neck cancer.

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