Cancer Care Registry

The Cancer Alliance has worked with the North Central London HealtheIntent team to develop a specific registry to assist the quality improvement of cancer care provision in primary care settings.  HealtheIntent is Cerner’s population health management platform.

What is a registry?

HealtheIntent is a digital platform which allows health and care professionals in north central London to provide more proactive care to residents and communities. 

It links together health and care information about residents in north central London from different providers giving a more complete picture of the health and care needs of individuals and groups.

Registries help clinicians to identify gaps in care and to see what clinical care a patient has already received. Using this information helps to save time and minimises the risk of duplication.  

Cancer Care Registry

A Cancer Care Registry has been developed because more people are living with cancer – it is being treated and managed as a long-term condition. The registry provides a way to improve the quality of care for this group of people.

A video for local GPs explains how the cancer care registry works and why it is useful and important for looking after individual patients and improving patient care overall. 


Accessing the Registry

The Cancer Care Registry is easily accessible through the registries weblink portal.

Download the user guide below.

For more information on HealtheIntent resources for GPs visit the NCL GP website.

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